Efficiently Manage People, Processes and Technology through Data Visibility

Visible and apparent combined with the eight best qualities of modern day information management systems namely Understandable, Relevant, Complete, Available, Reliable, Concise, Timely, and Cost Effective are what it takes to ascertain decisions are made with the right information at the right time..

Promptus 8 was instinctively created to close in the gap between the transactional processes and analytical functions of an organization. It aims to provide companies with a data management solution and be able to have comprehensive information that can be used for analysis and decision support. As a technology tool, Promptus 8 may be utilized by both the technical and functional users. The Data Management component of Promptus 8 harmonizes the transaction data layer from one or many sources. From here the data can be viewed across multiple types of users for data visibility and audit. The functional users will have the flexibility to create their own reports with data definitions from a common source thereby reflecting a “one true version” across multiple reports from different entities. Management will then have the appreciation of numbers and information presented in an executive dashboard published on-line or through popular mobile devices